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Care and maintenance

All of my products are handmade, therefore every object is unique and slightly different.


Ceramic care:

I use stoneware and we fire our products at 1200c.

Ceramics are fragile. Be gentle and careful with the objects.

Best clean with a damp soft cloth, or you can wash under running cold water with a soft sponge. Avoid washing in a dishwasher.


Brass care:

All brass objects are coated with a protective lacquer to prevent oxidization and corrosion and keep it shiny for many years. However, please notice that the brass may change color in time.

Best clean with a dry soft cloth. Avoid abrasive towels, sponges, cleaning sprays, bleach and hand sanitizers.

I am available to answer any question or inquiry. If you experience any problem with an object you have purchased, please contact me.

In case one of the objects arrived damaged please contact immediately with a picture. Once a package has been delivered you will have 10 working days to contact me with any issue you may have.

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