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HAR Kinetic Sculpture

This handmade Kinetic sculpture is made of ceramic, brass, and paper.
The ceramic base has a unique geometric shape, which looks different from every angle ‎you look at it. On the ceramic base lies a brass arm, with a paper leaf on one side and a brass weight on the other. The brass arm ‎meets the ceramic base on one point and creates a game of balance between the paper leaf and the brass weight, making the arm move gently and creating interest and flow in the space.‎
Perfectly suited for display in art galleries, offices, or contemporary living spaces, this kinetic sculpture adds a touch of sophistication ‎and intrigue to any environment. Its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and engage viewers makes it an excellent conversation piece ‎and a testament to the fusion of art and science.‎

Brass arm: 20*1.5” | 50*3.5cm
Ceramic stand: 3* 7” | 7.5*18cm‎
General dimensions:
Height: 7" | 18cm
Width: 20" | 50cm
Depth: 3" | 7.5cm

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