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Paper Flower

Brass and Paper flower decorative kit.

Like a rising flower, or a piece of art, the sculpture delicately decorates your home.
One flower or a group of several flowers will make a perfect centerpiece, shelf décor, or mantel decorator etc.
Each flower is a unique handmade piece (so each flower is slightly different from the other), and designed with care ‎and love for nature and home décor.

The kit includes an oak base, two brass stems with clamping pins and two squares of rice paper (but you ‎can use any paper you like) for easy assembly.‎

Estimated dimensions:‎
Stem length: 6.5" | 16.5cm ‎
Cup width: 0.5" | 1.3cm ‎
Oak base: H: 0.8" | 2cm, W: 1.4" | 3.5cm, L: 1" | 2.5cm ‎

To assemble the flower, stick the clamping pin in the center of the paper square and insert it into the brass cup so ‎that it enters the stem tube. Help the paper fold into the shape you like and tight the pin into the stem, until fully ‎tightened. Stick the stem in the oak base.

Note: You should use soft and strong papers (like the rice paper included in the product), so that the paper won’t tear ‎while tightening the pin. If you use a thinner paper, you can strengthen the center of the paper with tape.
The pin (when with paper) should be inserted gently to the center of the flower.
If you wish to replace a paper, just easily pull the pin out of the stem.‎

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