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Mini Vases

Set of three mini vases, handmade out of ceramic and brass.
Perfect for holding your small fresh or dried flowers. Adds a touch of beauty to your home.
Style it solo or group with other vases from the series, for a complete minimalist and fine look.


Available for purchase as a single or as a set.

Cone vase:‎
Hight: 2.8 | "7cm
Diameter: 1 " | 2.5cm ‎

Arch vase:‎
Height: 1.4" | 3.5cm ‎
Width: 3" | 8cm ‎
Depth: 1" | 2.5cm‎

Half a bow vase:‎
Hight: 2" | 5.5cm ‎
Width: 1.5" | 4cm ‎
Depth: 1" | 2.5cm

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